New Spring 2017 Band Update For Apple Watch, Nike Sport Bands Are Now Available As Separate Purchase

Apple Watch is getting a new Spring 2017 update with an updated band collection which includes new colors and variations of the Striped Woven Nylon, Nike Sport, and Apple Watch Hermès bands.

Alongside 3 new colored Sport bands, and 6 new colored Woven Nylon bands, there’s also 3 new options for the Classic Buckle which sports a new buckle design.

The new collection of bands include:

• Sport in Pebble, Azure and Camellia

• Woven Nylon in Berry, Tahoe Blue, Orange, Red, Pollen and Midnight Blue

• Classic Buckle with new buckle design in Sapphire, Berry and Taupe

Apple has also updated the exclusive Hermès line with new color and variations.

The newest Apple Watch Hermès band offerings include:

  • 38mm Double Tour in Bleu Zéphyr Epsom leather
  • 38mm Double Buckle Cuff in Fauve Barenia leather
  • 42mm Single Tour in Lime Epsom leather
  • 42mm Single Tour in Colvert Swift leather

The collection expands with a new model that pairs Apple Watch Series 2 with the 38mm Double Buckle Cuff in Fauve Barenia calfskin leather and includes an exclusive Hermès Sport Band in signature orange.

In addition to all of the new bands, Apple will now be offering the Nike Sport bands as separate accessories. Previously, you’d have to purchase a Nike+ edition Apple Watch in order to get those bands.

All of the new Apple Watch bands are now available to order from Apple’s online store today and will be available in select retail stores starting at the end of March.

Here’s a gallery of some of the new bands:

New Spring 2017 Band Update For Apple Watch

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