Apple has released a couple of videos that continue with its iPad Pro campaign. The videos follow the same format as the ones launched a few weeks ago. Each video starts of as a Tweet that highlights some issues non-iPad Pro users deal with regularly.

The first video shows a female student having a problem in keeping her math notes tidy since she always falls asleep during the lecture. It then proceeds to showcase the iPad Pro’s note taking capabilities through the Apple Pencil. It even highlights the device’s capability of recording full lectures.

Meanwhile, the second video shows a woman complaining about having so many things on her desk. It then rolls to suggest the iPad Pro as a replacement for a desktop and other usual accessories such as a scanner and a piece of paper.

Just as it has done in the previous series of videos, the tweets featured are real and come from actual people. Apple has used these common problem as a way to address the issues people have with their devices. So far, the other videos feature the iPad Pro’s speed, Microsoft Word app, LTE connectivity, the Apple Pencil, and many more.

The videos come as part of Apple’s promotion for the rumored release of the new iPad Pro. According to rumors, Apple will be refreshing the device with a 10.5-inch flagship model and three other tablets with a 9.7-inch, 12.9-inch, and a 7.9-inch display. The device is believed to launch this month.

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