Apple Quietly Releases Gold 32GB IPhone 6 In Select Asian Markets

Apple has quietly re-launcedh the iPhone 6 in Gold in select Asian markets. Originally released in 2014, Apple has launched a new 32GB configuration for the device. It is technically new because the iPhone 6 originally debuted in 16/64/128GB configurations and has never gotten a 32GB SKU.

The 32GB iPhone 6 will be launching with select Asian carriers as the low-end model and will not be available through Apple retail. It will be available on Taiwan Mobile on March 10 and has quietly available in China since late February.

Apple will not be selling the 32GB iPhone 6, which is only available in gold, on its website or in Apple retail stores. It will continue to sell the iPhone SE as the low-end model which has better internals but lacks a larger display.

While Apple has been quiet about the situation, Taiwan Mobile is advertising it as a ‘new’ special edition model. The carrier says that this is the cheapest iPhone yet and is already accepting pre-orders. They will be selling the device for ‘free’ with a NT$1,399/month contract plan (which equates to around $45 US).

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