Apple Posts New Application Process For WWDC Scholarships Program

Among those in the tech industry, attending Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (or WWDC) is an exciting experience. But to be honest, it’s also a pretty expensive adventure.

Apart from your expenses for travel and hotel accommodation, you’d have to pay a lofty price for the ticket. This year’s WWDC event will cost you $1,599, which proves it’s really quite a price to pay.

Thankfully, Apple has a WWDC Scholarships program that allows new developers and students to take part in the conference. Under the program, qualified individuals will be able to join the event without worrying about most of the expenses.

Since this year’s WWDC will be at San Jose instead of San Francisco, the program follows a new application process. If you wish to attend the event, make sure you take note of the new rules and deadlines.

Just like in previous years, eligibility for the WWDC Scholarship is available for the following:

  • 13 years old or older
  • Enrolled part-time or full-time in a course of study, or a member or alumni of a STEM organization
  • Registered for free as an Apple developer or member of paid Apple Developer Program

The application process, however, is what is largely different from the previous scholarship programs. Apple has paid importance on Swift Playgrounds this year. When you apply for eligibility in the scholarship program, you would have to upload and describe your Swift playground as part of the application process.

This includes a 500-word or less essay on the topic “how you’ve considered sharing your coding knowledge and enthusiasm for computer science with others.”

This year’s application process no longer requires app submissions, which means it should encourage a broader scope of applicants. For the full application process, visit the website. Compared to the past scholarship program, Apple will now be including free lodging in the prize.

If you would like to send in your application, you may do so starting March 27th at 10am PDT until April 2nd at 5pm PDT. Successful entries will be notified on April 21st so they have time to prepare for the upcoming WWDC kickoff on June 5th.

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