Apple Just Launched A New Marketing Campaign With The Help Of Its Apple Music Ambassadors

A few days ago, the #MusicForEveryMinute hashtag trended on Twitter without anybody knowing why. As it turns out, Apple quietly recruited college students to be its Apple Music ambassadors. This new marketing campaign is Apple’s attempt of promoting its music streaming platform.

In exchange, students that engage in the program would be given an extra three months of free service after the campaign stops next month. Based on the instructions, the Student Ambassadors simply have to share the links to content from Apple Music and use the graphic ad they prepared for Twitter.

Both the Student Ambassador who took part in the program and anyone who uses the ad will be entitled to free three months of service. Since each one will have a unique affiliate link, Apple will be able to keep track of each student’s success.

More importantly, the Ambassadors who perform the best for each task will be entitled to exclusive perks from Apple Music. Some of these perks include access to the much awaited Apple Music Festival.

After digging around, it turns out the program is being handled by a third-party marketing company called Social Chain that Apple hired. As it turned out, the company reached out to prospective students and asked them if they wanted to be an Apple Music Ambassador.

Another way they gained attention from interested individuals was by running a targeted ad on Facebook for intended for students. Apple then handpicked the rightful ambassadors with an instruction to keep quiet about the campaign until the first task started.

The first few tweets with the hashtag came from a few users based in the U.K. Soon enough, the hashtag trended throughout the country. There’s no word on whether or not this Ambassador campaign will expand to other countries.

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