Analyst: IPhone 8 ‘Super Cycle’ Will Increase Unit Sales By 20% In Fiscal 2018

Analysts have been quite optimistic when it comes to this years iPhone. Morgan Stanley’s Kate Huberty says that this years iPhone will be a “super cycle,” and that Wall Street has no idea regarding the potential of the iPhone 8…

Speaking to CNBC, Huberty says that the iPhone’s “super cycle” isn’t being fully appreciated. She doesn’t believe that analyst have been bullish enough towards the upcoming iPhone.

Huberty believes that the the unit sales will grow by 20% in fiscal 2018, which is double of what Wall Street is projecting. She says her “bull case” is that unit sales will rise by 30 percent.

“We do not think the super cycle is fully appreciated,” Huberty told CNBC PRO in an exclusive interview. “What we expect in September is a phone that has significant advancements in technology: OLED screens, 3-D sensors, wireless charging [and] likely some more advanced software in the area of artificial intelligence.”

20 percent unit year-over-year growth would be amazing for Apple but there would be a few things standing in the way. The most obvious would be the supply shortages that would potentially plague the iPhone 8 launch.

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