All reports point to Apple unveiling a new iPhone this year with an OLED display, while another two models will be introduced using an IPS LCD display. However, a Korean supply-chain report claims that Apple will be moving its entire iPhone lineup to OLED displays in 2019.

The report (via Patently Apple) says that Apple will rely on three Korean suppliers for flexible circuit boards for the iPhone 8, and that at least one of these have claimed the move to OLED.

Apple is expected to adopt OLED for about 60 million units […] and double the adoption next year. It aims to use OLED for all its new iPhones by 2019.

With Apple’s supply chain being so complex, it’s hard to believe that one supplier has the details on future product information, so please take this report with a grain of salt. However, it would make sense for Apple to move to an OLED display on all of its iPhone products if they’re truly launching an OLED iPhone this year.

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