Apple’s Support Forums shows that a growing number of users are seeing the black anodization of their iPhone 7 are starting to chip off. To be specific, this issue is happening on the matte black iPhone 7 and not the Jet Black models. Affected users claim that even within a case, the device is starting to show the aluminum underneath.

A similar issue plagued the slate iPhone 5 released back in 2012. While the issue isn’t as large as the iPhone 5, it does appear that it’s affecting users at a rapid pace.

Users are saying that they’re noticing chipping of the anodization around the edges and back of their phones. Specifically, it appears this is plaguing the larger iPhone 7 Plus than the iPhone 7. Apple support reportedly isn’t as of much help at this time in terms of repairing or replacing the cosmetic flaw.

Of course, normal wear and tear isn’t covered under warranty, especially if it’s a cosmetic flaw. However, if this becomes a more widespread issue, especially if it’s affecting devices only weeks after purchase, there must be an issue with the anodization process.

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