KGI predicts that all new models of the iPhone in 2017 will feature wireless charing out of the box, which includes the redesigned iPhone 8 and the iterative iPhone 7 updates.

KGI has in the past mentioned wireless charging and this report reaffirms the claim. However, the analyst believes that the OLED model (iPhone 8) will cost much more due to a higher cost 3D Touch sensor.

Ming-Chi Kuo says wireless charging will produce more heat within the device, requiring a graphite layer to protect the film 3D Touch sensor. This graphite sheet will be laminated to the heat-sensitive film sensor internally. The report also explains that the glass casing on the new iPhone will be less efficient at getting rid of heat than aluminum, which could also lead to a warmer device.

While consumers won’t notice the difference, KGI says making the necessary change internally will drive up the cost of for Apple’s manufacturers, in return potentially making for a more expensive device for consumers.

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