Keyboard Issues Plaguing The 2016 MacBook Pro

After similar issues with the 12-inch MacBook and its keyboard, a growing number of MacBook Pro users are reporting weird issues with the revised butterfly keyboard.

As detailed by nervous users on Apple’s Support forum, the new keyboard suffers from keyboard issues such as non-functional keys, double presses, and inconsistent travel.

For example, one user says that pressing the “enter” key will result in a double press, even though the user only pressed it once. This may not seem like a huge issue, but the user spends some time in Terminal where pressing the return key is critical.

Pressing the “enter” key will often behave as pressing it twice (i.e. it will repeat the press once more). This is a very severe issue / problem / bug especially if you’re coding, editing text or using Terminal as much as I do.

Similarly, another user claims that pressing the “R” key will result in a double press

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While another user says that their “K” key will stop working as a whole, requiring them to press the key up to five times before it begins responding again.

Sometimes I have to hit it 5 times to make it work. This usually happens after I didn’t use the laptop for an hour or so (and it went to sleep).

On the other hand, some users on the MacRumors Forums are reporting that a high-pitched sound occurs when pressing a key on the keyboard. Some claim that this is due to the MacBook Pro being pushed to a high degree, thus making the machine hot, while others report that it happens regardless.

Within a few hours of using my Late 2016 MacBook Pro 15″ with Touch Bar, I noticed some of my keys made a very high pitched click on-key-up (when I lifted my finger from the pressed down key). The affected keys: Caps Lock, left Option, and very occasionally: Delete, ‘H’, and ‘C’.

While it’s possible that it’s a software flaw, it’s more than likely a hardware issue with debris and gunk getting stuck under the keyboard. Unfortunately, the new keyboard mechanism isn’t meant to be plowed open by the user, however, we’ve seen several situations in which Apple has replaced the keyboard due to keyboard oddities.

Are you experiencing issues with keyboard oddities? Let us know in the comments below.

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