IOS 10 Is Now Installed On 80% Of Active IOS Devices

IOS 10 Is Now Installed On 80% Of Active IOS Devices

Just five months after its release, iOS 10 has now been installed on 79% of active iOS devices, according to the latest data from Apple.

Just 16% of users are running iOS 9, and an even smaller 5% of iOS devices are running an earlier version of iOS as of February 20.

Apple’s data is based on devices that connect to the App Store. This means that any iOS device that never gets connected to the internet or is no longer in use will be counted towards this data.

iOS 10 seems to be slightly ahead of the iOS 9 adoption over the same period of time. iOS 9 briefly stalled at 77% last February.

It’s likely that the adoption rate will continue to grow, especially with iOS 10.3 being on the way. The firmware is currently in beta and includes new features such as “Find My AirPods” and will be the first firmware to switch over to the new file system, Apple File System (APFS).

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