Apple Hires Former Amazon Fire TV Head To Lead Apple TV Business

Bloomberg reports that Apple has hired the former Amazon Fire TV head, Timothy D. Twerdahl, to lead its Apple TV business.

Apple confirmed the hire to Bloomberg, saying that Twerdahl joined the company earlier this month. Twerdahl, who worked for Amazon since 2013, now reports to Apple VP Greg Joswiak.

The report also says that in light of hiring Twerdahl, Pete Distad will be leaving Apple. Distad helped with content deals with Eddy Cue.

Apple hiring a member of the Fire TV team may come with some controversy. The Amazon Fire TV didn’t really take off and Amazon’s video services are still unavailable on Apple TV because the company refused to pay Apple its for subscriptions on the App Store. Amazon also pulled all Apple TV hardware off of its website, not allowing customers to purchase the Apple TV from the online retailer.

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