Apple’s Latest Ad Campaign Targets Tweets Against The IPad Pro

Dear PC users, Apple has been reading your tweets. How do we know this? Simple. The company’s latest iPad Pro ad campaign targets the concerns of computer users who have since been skeptical about classifying the device as a real computer.

Apple released a series of four videos that have a similar tone with the former “I’m a Mac and I’m a PC” ad campaign that famously starred actor Justin Long.

The four ads each address a tweet they have received from PC users who don’t think the iPad Pro is suitable for them and their needs because of various reasons. After each tweet is read, a voiceover answers the concern by detailing the iPad Pro’s features that make it better than a PC.

Among the concerns raised include the iPad Pro’s LTE connectivity feature, Word for iOS app, no PC virus advantage, and other tablet features. Each of the ads also highlight the accessories compatible with the iPad Pro, such as the Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard.

The new ad campaign stays true to Apple CEO Tim Cook’s idea that an iPad is a better choice for most people compared to a Windows computer.

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