Report Apple Is Negotiating With Chinese Supplier BOE For Flexible Displays For The Next Generation IPhone

Ahead of the iPhone launch this fall, Bloomberg reports that Apple is currently in talks with Chinese supplier BOE Technology for flexible displays for the next generation iPhone. BOE would be the first display manufacturer outside of Japan and South Korea to supply displays for an iPhone, and they’re also working on a flexible AMOLED display.

The report states that Apple is looking for “next-generation displays for future iPhones” from BOE and is currently testing the displays. Apple is reportedly testing OLED panels with BOE as it struggles to source the tech for the upcoming iPhone 8.

Though, it’s highly likely that BOE will miss the launch of the iPhone 8 this year, but will continue to work with Apple for the 2018 iPhone.

BOE is currently in the process of building out two OLED display factories in Sichuan, according to today’s report. The company reportedly spent $14.5 billion in order to build out these factories.

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