Apple vs. Samsung Trial To Return To Lower Courts For Possible Retrial

Today the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ruled that a lower district court must decide whether a damages retrial is required in the multi-year Apple vs. Samsung trail (via CNET).

The case will return back to the original San Jose, California court where it was heard by Judge Lucy Koh.

Apple’s dispute with Samsung dates all the way back to 2011, where Apple accused Samsung of copying the iPhone design. Apple was initially rewarded $1 billion, however after many retrials, is now standing at $548 million.

Today’s ruling reads:

Both parties filed statements urging us to take different actions. While Apple requests continued panel review, Samsung requests that we remand to the district court for a new trial on damages.

For the reasons explained below, we adopt neither suggested course of action. Instead, we remand this case to the district court for further proceedings, which may or may not include a new damages trial.

The District Court for the Northern District of California will now consider arguments from both Apple and Samsung and will determine if the case will continue.

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