Apple Rep Says Fifth Avenue Store Will Have “Incredible” Space

Apple Rep Says Fifth Avenue Store Will Have “Incredible” Space

Apple Rep Says Fifth Avenue Store Will Have “Incredible” Space

Early this year, Apple already started renovating its retail store on Fifth Avenue. But despite ongoing renovations, there wasn’t too much information available with regards to the company’s plans on the iconic store.

Thankfully, Bloomberg earlier revealed more details on Apple’s plans, citing the company intends to create a store with “more than double the size” of its location.

Today, Boston Properties gave an earnings call where they disclosed Apple’s plans to expand the property from 32,000 to 77,000 square feet. The REIT company co-owns the General Motors Building which will house the upcoming glass cube retail store of Apple.

During the call, company president Douglas Linde shares how he refers to Apple as a “mystery tenant” they had been discussing for more than a year.

When asked about their plans for the retail store, Apple kept mum about it. A spokesperson, however, gave some clues on what to expect from the controversial location saying it was “incredible” and that the customers would “enjoy new services and experiences in much larger space.”

It’s pretty interesting to know Apple is continuing its plans with its iconic Fifth Avenue store, especially since the shopping district has been in a bit of a turmoil over the past few months. A number of establishments have reported vacancies brought about by the high rent, traffic, and lower sales.

Part of this can be attributed to newly proclaimed President Donald Trump, who resides at the Trump Tower, a mere couple of blocks away from the district. As a result, the area has experienced a rise in traffic congestion and areas limited to pedestrians.

Back in January, Apple announced that they would be temporarily closing their Fifth Avenue retail store. But now that Apple is upping its initial plans on property space, it could be likely we’ll see the same design elements that can be found at its newly renovated retail store in San Francisco’s Union Square. Whatever Apple’s plans are for the future of the Fifth Avenue location, we’re sure everyone’s just as excited to witness it when it finally opens.

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