Apple Begins Prompting Users To Enable Two-Factor Authentication In IOS 10.3 Via Push Notification

Apple has started notifying customers regarding two-factor authentication with the latest iOS 10.3 update. It seems like the company is slowly rolling it out as a small subset of users are beginning to see the notification on their devices.

If you choose to take action on the notification, you’re sent to a screen within the Settings app that explains the feature. Furthermore, if you choose not to enable the feature, you’ll have a warning at the top of the Settings app letting you know that you should enable two-factor authentication.

Here’s what Apple says in regards to 2FA.

Two-factor authentication is the best way to keep your account secure. It can protect your account even if someone learns your password.

When signing in, you’ll verify your identity one of your devices or your phone number.

The notification Apple pushes will not go away on its own. Users will have to manually get rid of it or enable two-factor authentication. Simply unlocking the device will not get rid of it.

However, enabling two-factor authentication is comically simple. From the Settings app, simply tap “Turn On” and confirm your phone number. That’s it. You may receive an email from Apple after the fact notifying you that you’ve enabled the feature.

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