Apple Purchases Domain Name, Social Network Associated With Site Will Shut Down By End Of Month

TechCrunch reports that Apple has recently purchased the domain name as one of the remaining pieces related to iCloud that the company does not yet own.

While it’s unclear Apple’s intention, the site was previously a Chinese social media site and will be shutdown by the end of this month.

For Apple, there’s nothing notable here, but it does show that Apple is determined to get every last domain related to iCloud under its belt. With Apple’s purchase of the domain, the Chinese social network associated with the domain will be no more. The site owner Tong Lei writes:

Hi all users of

You may find an announcement showing on the homepage of, yes, we decide to close and stop all its services.

We offer social service since 2011, but now, finished his mission, it is time for him to retire.

It’s unclear how large the social media network was, however, the site claims that it provided a way to “interact with friends and get the fun of life.”

While it’s highly unlikely that this would mean anything in the long term, it’s notable that it took Apple over five years to be able to obtain the domain. Apple is pushing its services more than ever before, which includes iCloud.

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