Apple Features IPhone 7 User Captured Photos And Videos For “One Night” Campaign

As a way of continuing with its “Shot on iPhone” campaign, Apple has uploaded a new video on its YouTube channel. The new video, entitled “One Night”, is the latest material to be added onto Apple’s advertising campaign for their iPhone 7.

The videos and images featured in the spot are all proudly shot by an iPhone 7 on the same night throughout the world last November 5, 2016. A number of users sent in their materials, which Apple shortlisted to 16 photographers from 15 cities on six continents.

Apple used the material sent in to them in the print and billboard campaign they launched last week. As announced by the company, the campaign was created as a way of highlighting the iPhone 7’s capabilities of capturing stunning images in low light scenarios, thanks to its OIS, f/1.8 aperture, and improved six element lens.

The spot features stunning backgrounds such as Iceland’s ice caves, Indonesia’s volcanoes, and even various nightclubs around the world.

Apple says the chose photographs under the “One Night” campaign will be displayed in 25 countries around the world. Watch the video below:

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