The Average US IPhone User In 2016 Downloaded 33 Apps, Spent $40 On Apps

The average iPhone user in the United States spent $40 in apps and in-app purchases in 2016, according to Sensor Tower. This is up from $35 in the previous year.

Unsurprisingly, games took a huge chunk of this number, averaging $27 of the $40, but another category also saw a large increase in revenue last year.

And that would be entertainment, which includes streaming video. This category saw 130% revenue year-over-year. In its blog post, Sensory notes that Netflix took a huge chunk of this.

Netflix began monetizing through App Store subscriptions in Q4 2015, contributing approximately $7.9 million in gross revenue to the category during that period; in Q4 2016, that amount grew to more than $58 million.

While iPhone users are spending more on apps, the average number of downloaded apps actually fell, going from 35 to 33. The fall in downloads was consistent across all categories.

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