WSJ Apple Looking Into Flexible Display Tech For Future IPhones

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple is ‘considering’ new display panels for future iPhone designs that could jumpstart bendable displays for smartphones.

The LCD screen would be coming from Japan Display and would use plastic instead of the typical glass displays we find in LCD panels today.

Japan Display says that they will begin mass production of such display beginning in 2018. However. don’t get your hopes up for an iPhone in 2018 to adopt the display because bendable displays are still ‘far away’ from a mass production that would be in the hands of consumers. On top of this, making an iPhone display bendable is the first step, as there’s more to it.

Apple would need to be able to make all of its internal components in addition to the back exterior bendable, in addition to the display itself. This would be a huge engineering feet as the iPhone relies on rigid, durable components to function.

However, the timing of this report is interesting. It’s been widely rumored that the next iPhone will feature an OLED display. While this doesn’t necessarily mean Apple will hold on to LCD forever, it is interesting. The new iPhone will reportedly feature an all glass design with little to no bezel, either.

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