Qualcomm Plans On Countersuit Against Apple But Hopes Operations Remain Unaffected

While Apple and Qualcomm are in a legal battle over patent royalties, Qualcomm doesn’t plan on letting its business partnership be affected, Recode reports.

Financially speaking, Qualcomm would lose a large chunk of business if it let the legal battle between Apple get in its way. Apple may use its own processing chips, but it relies on Qualcomm for cellular chips.

Qualcomm requires companies to pay license its underlying cellular patents, but Recode says that Qualcomm hasn’t halted business with companies in the past even when in legal battles.

Qualcomm requires those that want its chips to also have a license to its underlying cellular patents. However the sources note that the company hasn’t cut off chip supplies in the past, even when there were disputes over patent licensing.

The report also states that Qualcomm is considering to countersuit Apple. However, it’s unclear where the suits will take place whether in the United States or elsewhere. Obviously, it wants to clear the suit with Apple.

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