IPhone 8 Might Possibly Support Wireless Charging

There have been countless reports indicating Apple’s plan of introducing wireless charging for the iPhone unit they intend to release this year. Although nothing has been made official yet, there is plenty of reason to believe this is the case.

Just recently, a Chinese report by Commercial Times confirmed that the iPhone 8 (or iPhone X) will support wireless charging.

The website cited “industry sources” who confirmed Lite-On Semi has entered the supply chain of Apple. This is said to give half of the necessary GPP bridge rectifiers needed for the success of wireless charging.

However, there’s no word as to which company will be building the other half of what Apple needs. Turning to Lite-On Semi for confirmation on this report, the company declined to give any comments.

For a while now, Apple has been reported to hold off the idea of supporting wireless charging until a long-range solution can be delivered. This means that Apple has been looking for a way to make wireless charging a possibility, without the use of a charging mat.

So far, there’s nothing official about the report and we can only speculate at this point. But as the day progresses, we’ll be closer to knowing more about the much awaited iPhone 8 or iPhone X, whichever Apple decides to call it.

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