‘BlackPods’ Will Make Your Existing AirPods Black

A new product called “BlackPods” will make your existing white AirPods turn black. Ever since it’s launched, we’ve heard numerous times that customers simply want a black version of the AirPods.

To take it a step further, BlackPods will match the color of your iPhone whether it’s Black, Jet Black, or even Space Gray. It uses a three-phase coating process to ensure the color of your AirPods.

“We love Apple’s AirPods, but talked to many users who wished they could have them in other colors. It seemed that most AirPods owners wished they came in black to match their Jet Black or Black iPhones,” said Peter O’ Petteri, who founded BlackPods.

The three-phase coating process was built specifically for the AirPods and was developed with paint experts.

After sending your existing set of AirPods in, it will take roughly three days for them to coat it, plus extra time for the AirPods to get back to you.

BlackPods can be found here, and will run you $99 if you send in your existing AirPods, or $249 to have a new set of AirPods painted black.

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