Patent Suggests Apple Watch Bands With Health Sensors, Batteries, Cameras, And More

Apple today was granted a patent that allows the company to add functionality to its watch bands, specifically the link bracelets.

In one or more embodiments, a method for utilizing functional components of band system for a wearable device may include: receiving identifiers at a wearable device from multiple modular functional band links connected to the wearable device, determining functionality available via the multiple modular functional band links utilizing the received identifiers, and communicating with one of the multiple modular functional band links to utilize the determined functionality.

The patent description is quite broad, but could mean anything from cameras to batteries within the bands. Things such as cameras and speakers seem unlikely, however, because those are (or could be) implemented into the Watch body itself. Adding a battery into a watch band could be difficult but not impossible, but would add much more heft and bulk to the Apple Watch overall.

What’s more likely is Apple adding health sensors as that’s how the company is positioning the Apple Watch. Tim Cook has hinted it in the past but ultimately decided against it due to lengthy FDA approval times.

As always, it’s simply a patent so take it with a grain of salt. Most Apple patents don’t see the light of day.

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