Apple Pay Adds More Support For Loyalty Card/Payroll Deduct Programs

Apple Pay is getting support for more loyalty card and payroll deduct programs. USA Technologies announced that it will be adding support to its over 300,000 vending machines across the United States.

Following the integration, unattended operators will be able to offer an enhanced experience to their customers using Apple Pay, which is transforming mobile payments with an easy, secure and private way to pay that’s fast and convenient. In turn, consumers making a purchase will be able to take advantage of exclusive offers, promotions and discounts toward future purchases at participating self-serve machines connected to USAT’s ePort Connect platform. USA Technologies plans to roll out the technology to select unattended retail locations nationwide over the coming months.

The company has also updated its UX to encourage Apple Pay for those using their iPhone or Apple Watch to pay.

“Any consumer that presents an iPhone or Apple Watch at a participating merchant location will receive an electronic prompt to join USAT’s MORE. program. Consumers that opt in can then add a MORE. loyalty card right to Apple Wallet and immediately begin reaping benefits every time they use Apple Pay at a participating machine, as the loyalty information will be automatically shared with the transaction.”

Apple Pay is supported in over 1600 banks and credit unions across the world. Earlier this week, it added an addition 17 institutions to its list.

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