Apple To Join Partnership On AI Industry Research Group

There’s a huge tech industry body that’s established to agree on best practices for artificial intelligence, however there’s one noticeable omission from the list thus far… and that’s Apple.

The group, Partnership on AI, was established back in September with its goals to achieve ethics, fairness, inclusivity, privacy and trustworthiness — values you’d expect Apple to believe in. At the tamest he company didn’t jump in on the boat but that may be changing.

Apple has agreed to now join the non-profit, Bloomberg reports.

Apple’s admission into the group could be announced as soon as this week, according to people familiar with the situation. Representatives at Apple and the Partnership on AI declined to comment.

There’s a high chance that Apple decided not to join in the first place due to its secrecy culture. The group also focuses on collaboration between researchers working for different companies.

To provide a regular, structured platform for AI researchers and key stakeholders to communicate directly and openly with each other about relevant issues.

Over the past several months it seems as Apple is opening up its AI research teams allowing them to publish research papers. This is likely due to the fact that most researchers wouldn’t join Apple if the company didn’t allow them to share their work.

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