App Store Approval Now Rejecting Applications With Pricing Info Such As ‘Free’ In The Title

There will be a raise in App Store prices in several countries due to exchange rate fluctuations and taxation policies. Customers in India, Turkey and the United Kingdom will see App Store pricing rise.

In one of Apple’s largest markets, the UK, Apple will be raising its prices up by nearly 25% due to the weak pound after the Brexit vote. For example, a $0.99 US app will now cost £0.99 in the UK, up from £0.79.

This is a roughly 25% increase and will be applied across all price tiers. A Tier 2 application will now cost £1.99 up from £1.79 previously. The “All Worlds” upgrade from Super Mario Run will cost £9.99, versus £7.99 previously.

With the much weaker pound and 20% VAT rates, the U.K. app pricing has now matched the United States pricing in terms of numbers. So a $9.99 app will cost £9.99 in the U.K.

Starting today, Apple will begin notifying developers regarding price increases in the United Kingdom for both the Mac and iOS App Store. It doesn’t specifically reference the iTunes Store, but that’s assumed.

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