New Website Notifies You The Moment AirPods Become Available At Your Local Apple Store

While AirPods availability is improving at a steady rate, it’s still relatively hard to grab a pair if you haven’t got an order in already. Now, a new website is out that aims to notify you the second AirPods become available at the Apple Store of choice.

The website has a fairly simplistic design, with a banner up top dedicated to letting you enter your email address and which Apple Store you’d like to be notified about. Once you enter your information, an email will be sent as soon as AirPods are available at the store you selected.

Once you get the email, you have two options: either run to the Apple Store and grab a pair, or try your luck with Apple’s in-store pickup system.

If you’re unsure of which store you want to go to, the website also lists all of Apple’s retail stores, allowing you to quickly see an overview of stock around the world.

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