Super Mario Run Finally Arrives On Apple’s App Store

There’s no denying the fact that Nintendo’s Super Mario Run is the most anticipated games this year. The app was originally slated for a release at 10AM PT today, but it managed to hit the App Store earlier than this time. Along with its release is a $9.99 one-time In-App Purchase to unlock the full game content.

Super Mario Run is the first ever Super Mario game for iPhone and iPad users. The game is far from its classic two-dimensional predecessor as it was developed specifically for mobile users.

Gamers can enjoy a one-handed play since Mario runs from left to right automatically. As the player, your job is to make it through each level, making sure you jump over Goombas and Koopa Troopas until you reach the flagpole at the end of the level.

Even though Super Mario Bros. has been around since 1985, this is the first time Mario has arrived on Apple’s hardware. And even then, Nintendo is very protective of its characters; which is why they have implemented the game to be available with internet connection only.

True enough, this has been a much awaited for game. When Mario’s creator Shigeru Miyamoto appeared onstage with Apple CEO Tim Cook on the unveiling of the iPhone 7 last September, it excited those who had been avidly waiting for the game to arrive on iOS.

But as it turns out, Nintendo is not stopping with the release of Super Mario Run. They are still set on releasing mobile versions of the series Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing soon.

To download Super Mario Run, you simply have to pay $10 upfront. This will already give you access to 24 levels, a Kingdom Builder mode, and a race mode. You can also download the game for free and have access to the first few levels so you know what’s in store when you pay the game’s upfront fee.

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