LG Says UltraFine 5K Display Delayed With No Confirmed Dates

LG has now confirmed that its 5K UltraFine monitor, the one Apple recommends for use with the new MacBook Pro models, is being delayed.

A company representative said that LG does not have a confirmed ship date yet. LG originally said that they will be available in ‘early December’ while Apple was more cautious on their website and said ‘December.’

This is important because Apple has been discounting USB-C products including this 5K display. The LG UltraFine 5K Display has an introductory price of $974 that is valid until December 31.

After that initial period, the price jumps back up to $1299. Considering how long AirPods took to ship and how limited they are, we could be waiting until February or March before we can get them.

Regardless, we would like to see Apple extend the introductory pricing if true. Personally, I got an order in that small window when they were available to order. But those aren’t slated to ship till the end of January, anyways.

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