Late 2016 MacBook Pro Graphics Issues Are Addressed In MacOS 10.12.2, Says Craig Federighi

Users have widely reported that the new MacBook Pros are having some bizarre graphical issues ranging from transparency glitches on app windows to corrupt textures and tearing. However, the issue isn’t present on every MacBook Pro, which has lead some to believe that it is a hardware issue.

Now, according to a MacRumors forum member who allegedly got a reply from Craig Federighi suggesting that this is not the case. In the email, Federighi says that all of these graphical issues have been resolved in macOS 10.12.2.

As of this posting, macOS 10.12.2 is currently being tested by developers and public beta testers, with the latest seed being posted on Monday. If the update really fixes the issue, we should expect an update to all users before the holidays.


Thanks for the note! We believe we have addressed all of these graphics issues in the latest beat of Sierra 10.12.2 (available at

I hope that you enjoy your new MacBook Pro — it’s a fantastic machine!

— craig

The email has yet to be verified, though there’d be little to no reason for it to be faked. However, this should suppress some fears from users who believed their 2016 MacBook Pro had hardware failures and should get a replacement from Apple.

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