About two weeks after launching the iPhone 6s battery repair program, Apple has released a tool that allows users to check if their iPhone 6s is affected by the program.

The page lets users enter a serial number to determine whether an iPhone 6s is eligible for a free battery replacement.

As we stated in the original post, a small number of iPhone 6s models manufactured between September and October of 2015 have a faulty battery in them, which can cause the device to reboot randomly.

Devices that are eligible for the program will receive a new battery from Apple at no extra charge should they choose to go through with it. The iPhone 6s must be in good condition and Apple won’t swap the battery if there’s an issue such as a cracked screen that could interfere with the battery replacement.

Those eligible can visit an Apple retail location, an Apple Authorized Service Provider, or call Apple Support for further guidance on the issue. If you’ve already paid for a battery placement for your iPhone 6s, you should contact Apple for a reimbursement.

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