Apple To Exclusively Use Samsung AMOLED Panels For Its 5.8-Inch IPhone Next Year

With about nine months left until the next major iPhone update, Digitimes reports that a new 5.8-inch iPhone with an AMOLED panel that will be supplied exclusively by Samsung is in the works.

It also says that the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhones will not switch to AMOLED displays either, which lines up with previous rumors we’ve heard.

Digitimes also reports that production timing is key in order to create enough devices for a a fall launch.

Supply chain makers of the new iPhone will begin production in small volumes in March 2017 and increase output in May-June.

Again, we’re still several months out from the launch of the new iPhone so nobody’s sure what the actual device will be just yet. It’s highly likely that Apple hasn’t made their final decision on what design they’re going to use.

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