Some Apple Stores Are Receiving Mid-Day AirPods Inventory

Some Apple Stores Are Receiving Mid-Day AirPods Inventory

Today is the official launch day for the AirPods for those lucky enough to orders them within the first hour they went on sale last week. Some customers were lucky this morning (myself included), and were able to snag a set of AirPods. However, for those who missed both opportunities, you may still be in luck.

According to a report from 9to5Mac, Apple Stores across the United States (and presumably elsewhere) are receiving mid-day shipments of the new AirPods. As always, inventory is on a first come, first serve basis. But you now have a second shot today and any other time this week to get your hands on them.

Apple promised regular shipments of AirPods to Apple Stores when they became available to order last week. However, mid-day shipments weren’t mentioned in the statement. Though it’s likely that this will vary from store to store, market to market.

Some stores saw as many as 100 sets available while others (like mine) only had as little as 10 with people queueing up before stores were opening, similar to iPhone launches.

The report says that stores are seeing as many as 50 units back on the shelf. Other retailers such as Best Buy are also getting stock online. It’s worth checking third-party retailers to see if they have any stock left before heading out to Apple.

As it stands, ship times from Apple are currently estimated to deliver in six weeks (February, roughly). Resellers are making as much as $300 on the $159 set of earbuds.

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