Apple Reportedly In Talks Of Bringing Movie Rentals To ITunes Shortly After Their Release In Theaters

Cinephiles all over the world have reason to celebrate. Recently, there are rumors circulating online that Apple is currently in talks with Hollywood studios. The report comes from Bloomberg, who believes that the Cupertino, California-based company is keen on inking a deal with Hollywood studios.

According to the report, Apple is hoping they could release new movies on iTunes as they are being shown in the cinema. Currently, new releases don’t appear on iTunes until 3 months after its initial theatrical release. The reports are suggesting Apple wants to lower this time to just two weeks instead of waiting for three months.

By implementing this, Apple hopes to make iTunes have a step up against its competitors. With a small amount of time left to wait for new movies to start appearing, iTunes gets an edge for its market on movies, music and TV shows. As for the part of the Hollywood studios, they have another source for revenue aside from the cinema.

If the deal is inked and affirmed, renting a movie shortly after its theatrical release would not be come cheap. As early as now, there are already studios that are open with the idea but would be charging their customers between $25 to $50 for a single rental.

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