Apple Pay Coming To Gap In 2017, Is Now Available At 35 Percent Of US Retailers

Apple Pay has seen a rather slow launch here in the United States, constantly adding new banks and credit unions in various countries over time, while slowly adopting more retailers.

At the CodeCommerce, Apple Pay head Jennifer Bailey talked about the continued growth of the mobile payment platform, noting that we’ll bee seeing some major players add support next year.

Bailey says that in 2017, Apple expects that two-thirds of the top 100 retailers will support Apple Pay. While most major retailers have already adopted the technology, there are a few notable ones that have been holding out, whether it be in favor of a competing platform or something else entirely.

Bailey says that Apple Pay will be coming to Gap next year. While other holdouts include Target, Walmart, most gas stations, and restaurants.

She goes on to say that Apple Pay is now supported at 35 percent of retailers in the United States, which equates to 4 million locations. This is up 4 percent since its launch.

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