AirPods Will Be Available At Apple Stores Starting Monday

With the AirPods finally launching earlier this week, Apple has begun communicating with retail locations concerning the AirPods launch and is beginning to ship AirPods stock to stores starting Monday, according to MacRumors.

In addition to Apple’s own retail locations, the company will begin shipping the earbuds to carrier stores and Apple Authorized Resellers starting Monday as well.

It’s unclear how many units each store will receive, and availability will likely be constrained. Seeing how fast AirPods sold out online, it’s likely that retail locations will receive very little stock, if any. We expect stock to remain extremely limited all the way through early 2017.

Earlier this week, Apple hinted the retail availability for AirPods, but did not give any specifics. While this report hasn’t been confirmed by Apple, it makes sense that they’ll be available Monday morning as we’re in the holiday shopping season.

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