WSJ: Hi-Res Curved-Screen IPhone 8 Could Be Top End Model

A report from the WSJ notes that Apple is testing a high-resolution, curved-screen iPhone for its next generation of smartphones. Particularly, it says that this setup will only be available as the top end model, known as iPhone Pro.

Rumors of the addition of a third iPhone tier have been floating around even before the iPhone 7 had arrived. Though now most rumors are pointing at the top-tier model featuring an OLED display while the other two variants retain an IPS LCD.

Aside from knowing that it is a curved screen, the WSJ doesn’t provide any details we don’t already know. However, it says that Apple’s plans aren’t final yet.

An iPhone with a curved screen could be on store shelves as soon as next year [but] Apple may decide not to release the model because it is one of more than 10 prototypes being considered.

Though it does mention that we may finally be getting a resolution increase with the addition of the curve.

Apple’s suppliers say they have been asked to increase output of thinner organic light emitting displays and submit prototype screens with better resolution than ones from Samsung to differentiate its models.

Analysts believe that manufacturing an iPhone with an OLED display would cost up to $50, which would mean Apple would have to recoup the cost through a higher retail price.

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