It’s been widely rumored that Apple is testing the possibility of a FaceTime camera on the Apple Watch. However, as we know now, that hasn’t happened yet and it’s unclear whether it’ll ever happen.

However, if you’d rather not wait on Apple, Glide is working a band that enables a 2MP front-facing camera along with a general use 8MP camera.

Pre-orders for the CMRA start today with a $149 asking price for early adopters, rising to $199 later and $249 at retail. Unfortunately, the device won’t be shipping until the Spring.

The front-facing camera sits above the Watch on a slanted surface, designed to align perfectly when the wrist is raised. The general purpose camera sits much lower so it’ll be looking directly outwards when you’re looking at the Watch.

The CMRA comes with a charging stand that charges both the Watch and band simultaneously. Glide claims that the band has 8GB of internal storage so it’ll continue working even if the Watch runs out.

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