Chinese Supply Chain Suggests Apple’s AirPods Will Ship In January 2017

Apple initially announced the wireless AirPods alongside the iPhone 7 in September, noting that it would ship in October. However, a few days ago the company delayed the launch citing it needs extra time to finalize the product.

Unfortunately, a new availability date was not given as part of Apple’s statement. Now, a report from Economic Daily News (via Digitimes) suggests that suppliers aren’t expecting the AirPods until January 2017.

If accurate, this means Apple’s AirPods will be missing the crucial Christmas holiday season as the launch is slated for early 2017. It would also mean the earbuds will be delayed an additional three months since it was originally unveiled.

Apple has yet to comment on the rumor. Neither Apple or the report mention why the AirPods are being delayed, which may worry some customers. It’s worth noting that Apple has sent some reviewers pre-production AirPod units.

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