The MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar Reportedly Made By Samsung, Apple Testing OLED For Future MacBook Screens

Korea’s ETNews reports that the OLED Touch Bar found in the new MacBook Pros are made by Samsung, and that Apple is currently testing OLED panels for its main displays for future MacBooks.

According to an industry , Apple installed Samsung Display’s OLED panel for touch screen bar for its new MacBook Pro. This panel is rigid-type OLED that is produced from Samsung Display’s A2 Line […]

“Apple is currently looking into ways of using OLED panels for MacBooks and testing their performance.” said a different representative.

As we’ve said in the past, switching to OLED on the MacBooks would be a no brainer for Apple as there are plenty of benefits.

For one, OLED is much more power efficient than the current LCD displays as the pixels are only lit when powered, as apposed to a constant backlight which also makes the display much thinner. The Touch Bar in the new MacBook Pros are three times as thin than any LCD equivalent.

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