Today Apple has updated its website where customers are able to recycle their old device, which now includes the Apple Watch. But unlike the iPhone, iPad, or Mac, customers will only be able to recycle their device but won’t be able to get a gift card or any credit in exchange.

When the original Apple Watch launched, customers had concerns regarding upgradeability and potential resale value down the road. Unfortunately, it looks like any hopes or dreams of getting any return through Apple is shattered for now as the company will not give you any return if you decide to recycle it through Apple.

Apple relies on companies such as Brightstar, who is responsible for handing out gift cards for iPads, iPhones, and other smartphones, and PowerOn to do the same for Macs and PCs.

They also use Sims Recycling Solutions to recycle gadgets that don’t offer any trade-in credit, such as the iPods, and now, the Apple Watch. Recycling can be done online and through most Apple retail locations.

Though, Apple could introduce another trade-in program in the future that does offer credit or gift cards for your Apple Watch, but nothing has happened yet. Even after the announcement of the second-generation Apple Watch.

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