Bug Causes Second Or Third-Generation Apple TV To Stop Working

MacRumors reports that some users are experiencing a bug with their second or third-generation Apple TV that would prevent users from using their Apple TV. Affected Apple TV models are only capable of opening Computers, Music, and Settings, with all other channels being non-accessible.

This means users wanting to access channels such as Hulu, Netflix, or YouTube are unable to.

Unfortunately, resetting the Apple TV, router, or restarting the Apple TV does not seem to fix this issue. Switching the region on the device provides a temporary solution but the issue ultimately returns after a while. Some users report that changing the DNS may fix the issue but it doesn’t seem to work for all users.

Fortunately, not all Apple TV’s are affected by this issue, but it appears to be a pretty big issue. It also only impacts the second and third-generation Apple TV as the fourth-generation works just fine.

Via a Reddit user, Apple’s support staff says a software update is in the works and that Apple is aware of the issue. Apple says the issue should be resolved within the next few hours.

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