Apple Pay On The Web Now The 5th Most Popular Online Payment Platform

After being released a little over a month, Apple Pay on the web is now the fifth most popular online payment platform. Apple Pay on the web works in Safari on macOS Sierra and iOS 10.

SimilarTech reports that Apple Pay is now the fifth most popular payment platform used by the top 10,000 websites. It maintains the same spot for the to 100,000 websites as well, and that’s with Apple Pay only being supported on 0.25% of websites available.

The data shows that Apple Pay on the web is leading Google Wallet, Amazon Payments and over 50 other online payment technologies when it comes to the top 10,000 websites.

In the top 100,000 websites, Apple Pay on the web is still in the fifth position with 0.11%. Just remember that Apple Pay on the web launched in September, being supported on much fewer websites than the competition.

Apple Pay is currently available on 1,035 websites total according to the data. Comparatively, PayPal has over one million sites, followed by 38,000+ with Stripe, 13,000+ with Google Wallet, and 8500+ with Amazon Payments.

These services have had years to secure their spots in the payments industry, and with Apple Pay on the web only available on a small number of websites, they’re definitely pulling ahead.

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