Apple Lowers Storage Upgrade Prices On Older Mac Devices

Last week, Apple held its “Hello Again” Mac event where they introduced the new MacBook Pro lineup. Following this, the company quietly reduced the prices on its higher-capacity storage upgrades for the unveiled devices.

This has led Apple to lower prices on the 512GB and 1TB SSD build-to-order upgrade options for its MacBook Air, Mac Pro, iMac, Mac Mini and 2015 MacBook Pro by up to $200. The costs of these devices are now around the same range as the upgrade options available on the new MacBook Pro models unveiled last week.

Before last week’s event, Apple was offering the 512GB storage upgrade option between $300-$400 for entry-level machines. At the same time, the 1TB upgrade option was available from $800-$900.

But now that the prices for these upgrades were reduced, individuals only have to pay between $200-$300 to upgrade to 512GB of storage or $600-$700 for the 1TB upgrade. The more expensive 13-inch MacBook Air has a default 256GB SSD, which may be upgraded to 512GB for $200. This price is $100 less than how much it costed not too long ago.

The entry-level 27-inch iMac can also be upgraded to 512GB of flash storage for $400 instead of the original $500 price. Meanwhile, the mid-range 27-inch iMac may be upgraded to 512GB or 1TB of storage for $300 and $700, respectively. The previous price for this was $400 and $900. The high-end 27-inch iMac may also be upgraded to 1TB storage for $100 less than the original price.

Apple has also reduced the prices of the upgrade for the high-end Mac mini. The prices are now $200 (512GB) and $600 (1TB). This is also the same price range for the two Mac Pro models.

The 2015 MacBook Pro models are also included in the discount. For starters, there’s the 15-inch MacBook Pro; which may be upgraded to 512GB for only $200 (was $300) and 1TB for only $600 (was $800).

Since the 13-inch MacBook Pro is somewhat new, its upgrade options are higher than the 15-inch model. Storage for the 13-inch MacBook Pro are available at 256GB ($200), 512GB ($400), and 1TB ($800).

During Apple’s fall event, only the MacBook Pro was refreshed this time around. But there’s still some word circulating online that Apple is getting ready to release a refreshed iMac during the first half of 2017.

Another rumor is that Apple will be getting rid of its MacBook Air models and will replace this with the MacBook and MacBook Pro. As of this writing, no update has been given on whether or not Apple will be refreshing the Mac Pro and the Mac mini anytime soon.

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