Apple Features Water-Resistance And Improved Stereo Speakers On New IPhone 7 Ad

Earlier today, Apple released a new ad for the iPhone 7 on its official YouTube channel. The new ad, entitled “Dive”, focuses on the device’s key features loud stereo speakers and waterproof capability.

The video starts off with a man relaxing on a lounge chair by the pool. He then sits up, plays Arturo Sandoval’s La Virgen de la Macarena song on his iPhone 7 device before setting this down on a puddle of water.

The man then starts making his way towards a diving ladder, leaving everyone wondering what he intends to do. As he climbs up the ladder, he hands off his sunglasses to a younger girl. It is then clear that he is about to jump off from the highest plank, all while waiting for the climatic beat in the song. And finally, with the full attention of everyone in the area, the man leaps in perfect symmetry; his legs open at first before making a close right before he hits the water.

In the process, water splashes to his iPhone 7 as it sits on a table beside the pool. As bubbles fill the screen, Apple displays “stereo speakers on iPhone 7” before it shifts to “practically magic.” The ad then ends on the 1-minute mark.

Apple’s latest ad shows off the water-resistance feature of the iPhone 7, which have obtained an IP67 certification for splash-, water-, and dust-resistance. Apart from featuring these, Apple has taken this opportunity to highlight the new improvements made on the stereo speakers on this year’s iPhone iteration.

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