Originally unveiled during Apple’s iPhone 7 event in September, with a release date of late October, then being delayed even further after Apple said it needed ‘a little more time’ to make sure they’re ready for customers, the much anticipated AirPods may have a release date according to a retailer.

The latest guess comes from Czech Republic retailer Alza.cz, which says Apple will ship the AirPods by the end of the year. Their online listing says the retailer expects to ship the AirPods in December 2016, which could indicate the AirPods being released before Christmas.

As with any other rumor, take this with a grain of salt as it seems most retailers are giving out absurd ship dates as nobody is aware of a true ship date.

Another retailer earlier this month predicted that the AirPods could be shipping as soon as tomorrow. While a Chinese supply chain predicts that they won’t be shipping until January 2017.

Unfortunately, it is ultimately up to Apple to tell retailers when they will be shipping the AirPods. For now, all we can do now is hope that they will be shipping soon.

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