Over 30 New Credit Unions And Banks Added To Apple Pay In Australia, Orange Cash In France

With the fight with large banks in Australia, Apple Pay has seen some slow adoption rates within the country. However, Apple has now signed a deal with payments group Cuscal which equates to more than 30 credit unions and small banks being added to the mobile payment service.

Orange Cash has also been added to the list of banks in France.

According to a report from news.com.au, the new partnership will add over 4 millions users in Australia to Apple Pay, with more customers expected to be added.

Cuscal managing director Craig Kennedy explained that he hopes the move will encourage large banks and credit unions to fight through the differences with Apple and put the customer experience at the top of their list.

“I hope that Apple and the banks find some middle ground here because I think it would be everybody’s interest if they found a solution for their current stalemate,” Mr Kennedy said.

“The more people use these services and the more cards that are in there, the more common that it becomes and it lifts everybody.

“Whenever you’ve got a few people doing it, it’s going to hold back the growth and the acceptance of this sort of behaviour. And I don’t think that’s in the interests of any of the parties that are currently in dispute.

“I hope they find a way through all of that.”

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