Benchmarks Show The 15-Inch MacBook Pro Has The Fastest SSD Performance On The Market

According to benchmarks done by ComputerWorld, the latest 15-inch MacBook Pro has the fastest drive read and write speeds of any stock computer available, noting that Apple is at least two years ahead of most of the competition.

Computerworld‘s own benchmark tests with Blackmagic software on a 2015 13-in. MacBook Pro with Retina display revealed it could pin the needle at more than 1.4Gbps for writes and more than 1.3Gbps for reads. The new MacBook Pro’s specs smoke its predecessor.

The 2016 13-in. MacBook Pro‘s specs claim it has sequential read/write speeds of 3.1Gbps and 2.1Gbps per second, respectively. The new 15-in MacBook Pro ups the write speeds to 2.2Gbps, while the reads remain the same as the 13-in [which would make it] the highest performing stock system on the market …

IDC VP Jeff Janukowicz says that Apple has lead the industry in terms of making the switch to traditional hard drives in SSD and in terms of choosing the best SSD available.

The newest PCIe SSDs use the NVM Express (NVMe) or Non-Volatile Memory Host Controller Interface Specification, which is a logical device interface for accessing flash storage via the PCIe bus.

“With regard to PCIe, Apple has been a pioneer when it comes to PCIe/NVMe storage,” said Jeff Janukowicz, research vice president at IDC. “They were the first PC company to broadly adopt it across its laptop portfolio while other companies today are still just using it in a very limited portion of their PC lineup.”

Apple first used a PCIe/NVMe SSD in the 2015 12-inch MacBook and has continued to pioneer the tech into its other products. Janukowicz says that he doesn’t expect competitors to adopt the tech until late 2017, giving Apple a two year head start.

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